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About Us

Amrita Minhas Dhariwal and her
daughter Annika

Have any of you ever wondered who are the people behind an online store? Why they may have started such a venture? I want to share my story behind mybirthdaysupplies.

Well,here it goes! I am a stay at home mom just like many of you out there ,who always wanted to conjure up something special for her little one on each birthday. Yet, with such packed schedules, whether you have a toddler, an active five year old, or a teenager, planning a birthday party can always be something of a challenge.

Doing the rounds of party supply stores in your malls can be stressful. Yet, when I visited the online party supply stores in the comfortable environs of my house, all I encountered was pretty standard stuff .I did wonder where I could find those exclusive decorations, those unique birthday favors which would make my daughter's birthday party a little different from those of her friends.

That's when mybirthdaysupplies really came into being. My husband goaded me into starting an exclusive party supplies store which would address the needs of parents who were on the lookout for that perfect party for their kids.

We have tried to evolve a one stop birthday party supplies store. With products carefully sourced from around the world. We offer a wide range of party themes which are priced comfortably.We believe one should party hard and party smart. We also offer Bulk Party Supplies at wholesale prices I hope I can play a little role in helping you organize that wonderful birthday party for your loved ones, which you always wanted.

Please do write in to us and share your birthday party experiences with other parents here at mybirthdaysupplies.com. Have a fun filled birthday party!