Party Games for Camo Theme Birthday Party

If your little boy or girl loves dressing up in camouflage and aspires to become a soldier than Camo party theme can be his next birthday theme. Organize military inspired activities and games to make kids live up their imagination to the fullest. Here are four fun-filled boot camp games to rock your kid’s birthday party.

  1. The Scavenger Hunt-For this activity, you can transform Easter eggs into camouflage plastic eggs, make a fun search, and seek mission for little soldiers attending your party. Hide these eggs around the party area and let the party troops hunt these Camo eggs. Fill these eggs with goodies like little military figures, theme tattoos and stickers. Fix a time and when time is up tell party troops to attention and let the each kid keep all the Camo eggs they have found with favors inside.
  2. Scavenger Hunt Party Game

  3. Squirt and Shooter- This game is sure to bring out the Camo theme. Select one little soldier and hand him one toy squirt gun. Line other party soldiers and give them a piece of cardboard to use as shield against squirt gun shots. The kid, who is hit, becomes the next shooter. Every shooter must be allowed minimum 10 shots.
  4. Squirt Guns

  5. Obstacle Course- This is the most popular game for Camo theme party wherein you set up an obstacle course for the kids as if they are going through basic military training. Let the kids race the course with obstacles in their way and who finishes it gets to be the winner or dividing the little guests in two squads and perform as a team is also a good idea. You can use military objects to create different obstacle pattern.
    Obstacle Course Party Game

    • Take colorful inflatable tires and set them on the racecourse, kids will certainly love jumping through these tires to complete the race.
    • Use empty cardboard boxes pile them high, cover it with Camo netting, and let the little soldiers jump through it to reach next level.
    • Set up a table and cover it from underneath by hanging streamers and balloons and let the kids crawl under it to get to the another side.
    • Firmly tie a rope to a tree or a steady anchor. Tie knots in the rope at a distance of 12 inches. Let the kids climb though to the top of the rope. Adding a bell or blowout at the top of rope is a good idea, who ever reach the top rings the bell makes a noise with blow out.
    • Potato sack race- Organize the most classic potato sack jumping race using multicolored or Camo print jumping bags. Kids will have gala time finishing the race while twisting and jumping.

  7. Army Word search- To have a quiet activity for younger kids or for a break from energy driven games , you can make a army search game with army related words hidden in it. Hand each kid a printed copy of word search and give them pen or pencil to ark the words. In the end give them answer key in the end.

    army crossword game

For more such Party Ideas and keep reading our blog.

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4 Easter Dessert Treats to Win Over Your Taste Buds

With melted chocolate and hand-baked cookies, you can make Easter staple bunny and carrots for your Easter baskets. These Easter inspired dessert treats are surely going to be a fun activity in the kitchen. Here are recipe of four dessert treats to add a dose of delight-fulness and excitement to your Easter celebrations.

easter treats

  1. Easter Chocolate Carrots- For making these chocolate-covered carrots, first thing you need is a pint of strawberries that can be transformed into cute carrots. Wash strawberries without removing the top, melt chocolate in broiler and dip strawberries holding top. Let them dry on cookie sheet and take piece of dental floss, run through top to look like Easter carrots.Easter Chocolate Carrots
  2. Bird Nest made of chocolate- This dessert recipe is so simple to make that even kids can have fun time in helping you. For this recipe, you mainly need chocolate and chowmein noodles. Melt chocolate in a pan or broiler, add chowmein noodles and stir it till well blended. Once mixture is ready, divide it into four parts on parchment paper and using hands shape it into nest. Put malted eggs in pastel colors into nest and let it set for around 25-30 minutes.Birds Nest made of chocolate
  3. Cute Bunny Cookies- Bake cookies, using egg -shape cookie cutters cut them into desired shape of bunny. For icing, make a mixture combining powdered sugar, corn syrup, vanilla extract and little bit water. Use Americolor food coloring for white & soft pink and small portion for black icing. Spoon over white icing over cookies, then with pink icing make bunny ears and black for making eyes. Use white nonpareil for making the tail. These bunny cookies are super cute and delicious.Cute Bunny Cookies
  4. Carrot Cookies- Using cookie cutter, cut cookies in crazy carrot shapes, now to make them look like carrots, spoon over orange icing, I used Americlor food coloring for getting orange color and reserved a small portion to add green coloring. Make the carrot top with green coloring and perfect snack for your Easter basket is ready.Carrot cookies
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3 Classic Angry Birds Theme Birthday Games

Is your child an angry bird addict and love watching this movie repeatedly? Surprise him by hosting an angry bird theme party on his next birthday. In a theme party besides decorations and food, games should also compliment the theme so that kids can live up their imagination to the fullest. Here are angry birds’ theme games to delight little birdie fans.

Angry Birds Pinata

Green Pig Angry Birds Pinata

Using an Angry Bird pinata would be the best to make your little ones busy in bursting that pinata and enjoy surprise treats. You can make it easily by blowing up some big balloons, making them solid using glue and multiple layer of tissues; leave small opening at the top of balloons, leave them to dry and then paint them according to the theme. Now, pop the balloons and insert some candies and small toys. Also, you can get a ready-made green pig angry bird pinata from my birthday supplies and let kids go crazy beating up this irresistibly cute pinata.

Green Pig Darts

Green Pig Darts Game

This is the most simple and fun game that can become classic! Take a pie of ply-board, color it with light blue paint to depict the sky and green at the bottom for the grass. Now, blow out some green balloons and use markers to draw pig faces on each of them and tag them onto the dartboard. Now, challenge Lil birds attending your party to pop up the green pigs with darts!! Give each kid at-least 4 chances to hit the target.

Angry Birds Bowling Game

Angry Birds Bowling Game

For an angry bird bowling game, some preparation is needed. Firstly, using construction paper make angry birds and pig faces and stick pig faces to the bowling pins and angry bird faces to the balls. Now let kids have gala time striking down pig illustrated bowling pins. If you are tight on budget instead of using pre-packaged bowling set, you can use plastic soda bottles or empty tin cans can be transformed into bowling pins by using acrylic paints and Stickers.

To host an impeccable angry birds theme party, you can get angry birds birthday supplies from us, right from theme Invitations to decorations, Tableware including napkins, plates, cups, table cover , fun favors at an affordable price to host the most stylish party without breaking your budget.

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Spectacular Spring Party Decoration Ideas

Snow is melting, birds are chirping and air is filled with scents of daffodils, this signals the advent of spring. So, let the party planner in you blossom and get geared up for hosting a beautiful spring party. Here are few easy and economical decoration ideas to make party planning a snap.

First thing about party is entrance. To give your guests a flower filled welcome, hang a colorful tote and fill it with fresh flowers. The fragrance and beauty of flowers will surely sway your guests.

Spring decoration is all about colors; decorate party area by hanging lanterns of varied colors like yellow, green, pink, red. To give decorations a theme touch, stick some colorful paper butterflies on lanterns, this will create a whimsical effect. Lanterns can also be suspended from tree branches, and can light the way after sunset.

Spring decorative lanterns

Dress up your party table with a solid color tablecloth in green and to give them a spring touch, embellish them with colorful magnet flowers. Serve the food in flower-embossed tableware and with little twists, you can make napkins look like elegant flowers and place it in glasses as shown in the picture. Or make floral napkins rings, grab your rose topped elastic bands and tie them around the napkins.

Spring Table Decoration Ideas


Spring Table Decoration

Brighten your table with nest centerpiece that perfectly symbolizes advent of Easter and spring. Make a nest centerpiece at home by using coconut fiber, dried grass and fill it with fresh flowers and eggs. You can also place vases all over party area and fill them with handpicked flowers.

Tissue paper flowers make spectacular spring decorations. You can decorate it with glitters and hang those using ribbons. You can also spray scented perfume for a refreshing fragrance. In addition, they can also be used as centerpiece.

Buy some small size terracotta pots and paint them using pastel colors like lavender, mint green, soft yellow, place your cutlery in them. Make a springtime banner using cotton fabric, cut triangular flags from coordinated fabric and stitch them up to a pink seam binding.

To make a cute caterpillar centerpiece, use potting soil and sprouting grass seeds and pour the soil mixture into the stocking. Then, use colorful ponytail holders or elastic bands to section off the pocket of the soil, repeat this process 5 times to make at-least 5 soil filled segments. Use pipe cleaner as antenna, stick googly eyes to complete the look. Now critter is ready, water it for 3-4 days and it will grow hair.

DIY Caterpillar

These simple ideas are quick to make and will surely add spectacular touch to your spring decorations. If you have more such ideas, share with us.

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Easter Activities to Keep the Kids Busy During This Spring Holiday

To intensify the Easter spirit among your children, get them involved in some games and activities that will boost their imagination and creativity. The conventional egg hunt is sure to keep them busy for hours; however, this year, plan some hand-on Easter celebration activities that will be both entertaining as well as educational. Here are some Easter celebration ideas that are sure to encourage your child to exercise his artistry.

Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Egg Wreath DIYAsk your children to make an egg wreath for your front door. This Easter celebration activity is sure to keep them busy for days along with increasing their excitement for the upcoming holiday. Here is how they can make an egg wreath:

  • Cut out the center of a paper plate to make a paper ring.
  • Glue fake leaves, twigs, etc. around this ring. The leaves should be overlapped so that the paper plate is completely covered.
  • Now attach the plastic eggs to this wreath using everyday twist-ties.
  • To extend this activity, you can let the kids paint the eggs with a non-toxic paint before using them.

Cotton Ball Bunny


Easter Bunny CraftEaster bunnies are popular among children, so why not ask your children to make some cotton ball bunnies that you can use for decorations. Cut out bunny shapes from white or pink construction paper, apply glue on one side, and stick cotton balls on them to completely cover the cutouts. Paste googly eyes and tear drops made of pink paper to make ears and nose. Hang them from the ceiling, use them as centerpieces, or put them around your party venue; this Easter celebration idea is sure to encourage your kids to get creative and enjoy crafting.

Easter Wind Sock

Easter Wind sock This festive Easter celebration will not only keep the little ones busy during the project but also after its completion. They would love to sit for hours and watch the direction of wind. To make this theme based wind sock, roll up a card-stock sheet to form a tube. Staple the sheet properly so that it retains the cylindrical shape. Cover one end of the tube by gluing streamers and curling ribbons. On the other end, punch two parallel holes and tie strings or ribbons to them to make its handle. Decorate the rest of the tube using Easter themed stickers, glitters, and other craft supplies. Hang it in our backyard or any other open space and let the kids evaluate the direction of winds at regular interval.

If you have very young kids, do not leave them while they are working on their craft projects. Instead, be with them and keep offering your assistance whenever they need. For more Easter party ideas , keep reading our blog.

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