Thanksgiving DIY Home Decor Ideas

Kick off your holiday season in style with warm and welcoming Thanksgiving for your loved ones. This season decorate your home with a theme that reflects the essence, beauty and spirit of the holiday season. Here are some refreshing DIY Thanksgiving ideas to give your home a festive touch.

1.Turkey Tableware – Dress up your table with antique turkey themed transfer-ware, decorated with vivid colors and rich patterns, this makes a perfect tableware for delighting your Thanks giving guests.

Turkey Tableware

2.Table Napkins – Give everything on the table a touch of festivity and celebrations. Use colorful leaf motif stamps or designs onto paper napkins before guests arrive. Kids would love to help you in this fun task.

Fall inspired table napkins

You can also roll napkins and tie them with a ribbon to give the table a spectacular look.

3. Garlands – Garlands make a fascinating decorations and with few craft supplies you can create wonderful garland decorations at home. Grab few colorful note cards and write thanks giving messages and quotes on them and then decorate them with stamps or as per your imagination with glitters, sparkles etc. You can use clothespin to hang them from a length of ribbon and hang them near the door at the entrance to give a warm welcome to your guests or anywhere in your home.

4.Soft Glow – Candles at dinner table can light up the whole decorations. Gather some acorns and place them in a glass around a pretty votive candle. Light up the candles at the dinner time and place them on table or mantel.

5.Corn inspired candles – Take some glass votive holders and wrap them in any textural flair. Take some corn husks, trim them to fit and tie raffia around it. Add an elegant feather to give a dramatic finishing to the candle holder. These pretty candles will embellish your decorations even more.

6. White pumpkins – Pile some white pumpkins into a bell jar then top it with a plate and carefully turn it over in a way that plate sits on a tabletop. It will make an easy and elegant centerpiece.

7. Harvest inspired Mantel – To give a festive touch to mantel, casually arrange pumpkins and guard on the mantel and place two bundles of dried wheat in the center. Include a mini black board or two and write thanks giving messages or menu on that.

These all ideas are easy and inexpensive, try these amazing ideas and host your Thanksgiving party on a budget.

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Uber Delicious Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

There is always something to be thankful for! Well Thanks giving day is approaching and there is a spirit of joy and gratefulness all around. Amidst all the preparations and decorations are you looking for some quick and tempting dessert recipes.

Thanks giving dinner is incomplete without delicious desserts. Here, you can fulfill your dessert love, with our collection of twist on traditional pie recipes.

  1. Pecan Pie- Serve this rich and classy pecan pie on the thanks giving dinner. This recipe is quick to make and all you need for it is whisked eggs, some sugar, butter and vanilla for adding creamy touch and handful of pecans. Make this pie using these ingredients and let it cool before serving. To make it even more yummier, serve it with whipped cream.Pecan Pie Recipe
  2. Sweet Potato Pie -This creamy pie is made of sweet potato mixture that is a favorite of everyone. Pie is subtly spiced and has a refrigerated pie crust seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. If you want to enjoy a savory and sweet potato flavor then this recipe is the best.Sweet Potato Pie Recipe
  3. Apple Crumb Pie – Serve this delicious apple crumb pie recipe to your guests this Thanks Giving and garner raving reviews. Sliced apples, raisins and walnuts are interspersed and sugared, seasoned with cinnamon, nutmeg then piled into a pastry shell. Then, this sugar sweetened crumb is sprinkled over the top and baked until crisp and golden brown.Apple Crumb Pie Recipe
  4. Maple Pumpkin Tart- Pumpkin pie is a traditional favorite, we have updated this classic recipe instead of sugar, add maple syrup and lemon zest to give a deep flavor and sweetness to the filling of this tart. Fresh bread crumbs are folded into the pumpkin custards and then baked in a tart pan to create a crunchy texture. Serve it over dinner to woo pumpkin lovers.Maple Pumpkin Tart Recipe

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Fascinating Fall Decoration Ideas

Fall is coming and it is personally my favorite season, as I get so much inspiration from the nature around, colorful falling leaves, flowers, spectrum of colors, pleasant weather and fall get together s. So, now its time to bring flavor of fall into your home with these simple & amazing DIY fall decor ideas and beautify your home.

1) Fall inspired Table Runner – You can make a beautiful table runner for the fall or turn any solid color table runner into a fall leaf table runner with some creative thinking. I used a piece of red fabric for making table runner, using hot glue gun adhere the leaves around the perimeter of the fabric making a beautiful border. Keep adding additional row of leaves, layer the leaves over each other to create an effect of fallen leaves. Let it dry, now your handmade fall inspired table runner is ready to adorn your table.

Fall inspired table runner

2) Fall leaf Garland - Make a fall leaf garland with colorful pieces of felt in fall colors within no time. Firstly, grab a white paper and trace the shape of leaves onto it. You can use them as template to cut out shapes on your felt. Now you will need yarn, thread it through your tapestry needle on your leaves. Adjust length and spacing of the string on yarn, as per your liking. Your fancy fall leaf garland is ready, hang it above mantel or wall and beautify your home.

Fall leaf Garland

Fall leaf Garland

3) Fall Wreaths - Wreaths make an enchanting decorations, so gather some leaves and clippings to create some fall wreaths and adorn your doors, gates and walls of your home. Gather stems into bunches of four to five, now you can pin the first bunch to the wreath base using a U-shape floral pin, make sure leaf tips are facing clockwise. Again, place a next bunch on the base, it should overlap the first. Continue this process, counter clock-wise until the base is entirely covered. Hang this elegant wreath at the entrance door and greet your guests in style.



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Deliciously Devilish Halloween Cake Ideas

Halloween has arrived, and you must be planning your Halloween Party menu. When we think of Halloween menu, deliciously devilish desserts top the lists. So, here are some simple & spooky cake ideas to delight the taste buds of all witches & warlocks attending your party.

Halloween Cake with Meringue Ghosts

Halloween Ghost Cake

Bake this colorful cake well decorated with super cute Meringe ghosts, perfect for Halloween desserts. Bake this bright purple and neon green cake, whip up some Meringe with other essential ingredients,bake them on a cookie sheet for minimum 1 hour. Color of cake is purple & neon green, green color is added by using green chocolate ganache, you can also add neon green food coloring to the cream. This cake looks spectacular and spooky, you will surely get some raving reviews from your party guests.

Halloween Candy Corn Cake

Halloween Candy Corn Cake


Make this simple and delicious candy corn cake, although, this is not a usual creepy Halloween cake but something different and girly girly for the occasion. All you need to do is bake a cake and give it a yellow food coloring and decorate it using candy corns. You can make pattern of big & small flowers using candy corns. For making center of the flower & ruffle border around the cake, you can use black fondant. You may use wood dowels, to create that perfect waves for the ruffles giving cake a beautiful border.

Halloween Black Cat Cake

Halloween Black Cat Cake


Surprise your guests by serving this Halloween black cat cake. For making this cake you need to bake two cakes using round cake pans. Using one cake, make body of the cat and with other cake, cut head, ears and tail of the cat. Have a look at the images given below. Now, for icing of the cake, you can use creamy chocolate frosting, yummy to eat. You can use yellow candies or fruit snacks for eyes, black gumdrop for making nose and shoestring licorice for making cute whiskers of the cat. Cake looks too adorable to eat and freakishly Halloween.

Halloween Black Cat Cake

Serve these cakes to your party guests and enjoy Halloween in full swing.


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Scary & Savory Snack Ideas for Halloween Party

Spooky Season is here and everybody is geared up for deadly Halloween decorations, scary makeup and fiendish food ideas. To add a tinge of horror to your snacks, here are some effortless ideas that will help you make eerie appetizers within no time.

So treat all ghosts & goblins with these treat to eat ghostly goodies on Halloween and have a gala time.

Freaky Finger Hot Dog

Hot dogs are a favorite with kids for this recipe, cut hot dogs in half (width wise) and then into quarters (length wise)

  • Get a packet of crescent- roll dough and keep rolling it until it gets very thin.
  • Now, cut the dough into strips, carefully wrap it around each piece of hot dog, make sure you are leaving the tip uncovered to resemble a finger.
  • Bake it as per direction and serve it hot, you can place a spider web in the plate to add more spookiness.
Freaky Finger Hot Dog

Freaky Finger Hot Dog

Witch on a pretzel

Firstly, cut off tops of the pretzel rods and set them aside for some time.

  • Melt 1 cup white – chocolate chips in a bowl, 1Table spoon shortening,stir until mixed then add few drops of green food coloring stir the mixture again until it is smooth.
  • Dip the cut ends of pretzels into the white chocolate, covering at least top 2 inches. Place the pretzel sticks on wax paper and sprinkle the sides of each with coconut flakes to form hair.
  • Embellish each pretzel stick with a Hershey’s kiss at the top and refrigerate it until the chocolate sets. With black decorating icing, draw the face details like eyes, nose and mouth. Place these scary sticks in a decorative glass on the party table.
Witch on a Pretzel

Witch on a Pretzel

Monstrous Marshmallows

For making one monster you need to push minimum three marshmallows onto end of a skewer and then set aside.

  • Microwave 1 cup white chocolate chips and 1 table spoon vegetable shortening in a bowl approx for a minute on a medium-high. It is good to stir microwave after every 10 seconds until mixture is smooth.
  • Hold skewer, spoon the melted mixture over marshmallows until well covered. Place on wax paper, use black decorating gel for a mouth and red hots candy for eyes and your yummy monstrous marshmallows are ready.
Monstrous Marshmallows

Monstrous Marshmallows

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