Top Tips for Mommies to Lose Baby Weight After Pregnancy

To be back in shape after a delivery is a tricky task; most of the mommies are too occupied after having a baby as they are adjusting to a new schedule. Firstly, do not be harsh on yourself, to shed those extra pounds takes time and requires a mix of diet planning and exercise. Amidst all this, one thing to remember is to be patient with yourself. Here is three-step guide that will bring back your previous waistline without sacrificing time with your baby.

 Top Tips for Mommies to Lose Baby Weight After Pregnancy

  1. Exercise- Post pregnancy, you can start exercising after 5-6 weeks, giving enough time to your body to heal up and recover. Exercise is a proven stress buster and is the best way for losing weight. Initially you can do a warm up session and small stroller walks. According to a surgeon, pushing a stroller 1-2 miles burns 150 calories in 30 minutes. You don’t need to necessarily hit the gym to be in shape rather in morning or evening, going for a brisk walk with your baby will keep you fit and your muscles pumping. Gradually you can include aerobics or strength training exercises in your exercise regimen.
  2. Diet- Instead of dieting best way is to have a well-balanced variety of food, instead of having 3 meals a day, you can have four to five light meals. Apple slices, wheat crackers, carrot sticks, all have nutrients and essential vitamins. Though you must be breast-feeding, do not use it as an excuse to eat what you wish for. Drink plenty of water during day to keep your body dehydrated and speed up metabolism. One-way to be sure that you are drinking enough water is check the color of your urine, your urine needs to be relatively clear and you might need to go to washroom about every 3 to 4 hours.
  3. Get good sleep- It is very important to take good sleep even though when you have a baby to keep you up all night. As per the study or research when you are sleep deprived it becomes difficult for you to lose weight and your body feels strained and releases stress hormones that promote weight gain. So in order to take good 5 to 6 hours of sleep, sleep when your baby sleeps it is a good advice.
  4. Include Super foods- After delivery; your body needs maximum nutrients, especially until the time you are nursing. Without compromising on nutrients, you need to drop those extra pounds. Therefore, you need to include that food that are rich in nutrients and light in fats such as lean meat, beans, tuna or salmon fish.

If you have put on lot of weight during your pregnancy then it will take more time to shed those extra kilos but if you have put on normal 6-7 kg on your doctor’s advice then it will easier for you.


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DIY Stylish Geometric Lanterns for Summer Decorations

Summers are here and so is the party season. If you are also planning to host a summer party for your friends or kids then our simple and economic summer party ideas will definitely be a great help. One of the most visible things in a party is decorations. However, you can get ample decoration items in market but nothing can beat the pleasure of a handmade decoration.

Lanterns are an adorable decorations be it a birthday party, anniversary celebrations, or a fun gathering at home they make an eye catchy decorations. So, this time let us decorate the party venue with handmade geometric lanterns.

DIY Paper Lanterns

Supplies Needed:

  • Tissue paper (any color as per the party theme)
  • Fishing line
  • Double-stick tape
  • Scissors
  • Needle


Step 1: Take two sheets and unfold your tissue paper. Then, Fold in half length-wise.

Step 2: Now, fold the tissue paper in accordion style in three quarter of an inch increment.

Step 3: To make lanterns of varied size, trim the open edges shorter.

Step 4: Make sure the center fold line faces down as shown in the picture. Then, carefully open while keeping the two sheets layered on each other.

Step 5: Secure one end back together in an accordion style.

Step 6: Thread a medium size needle with a strip of fishing line (approx 12 inches long). Pass the needle through the entire gather carefully and bind both ends together to make a circle.

Step 7: Fiddle with the folds so that they can be evenly dispersed and then secure it with a knot.

Step 8: Repeat the process on the other end.

Step 9: Layer the two edges together in the center using a piece of double stick tape.

Step 10: Gently press with your fingers to shape up crease lines.

Repeat the process and make as much as you want. You can choose colors which best represent summers like soft yellow, mint green, aqua blue, strawberry pink, lavender, orange and more. Hang them; they will make delightful decorations. Enjoy your summer party!

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Winnie the Pooh DIY Invitation Ideas

Grab a honey pot and bounce your way into coolest birthday party with pooh & pals. Fun filled tricks and goofy behavior of Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and pals have made them favorite of all ages. So, if your child loves this cute and silly bear then host a ‘Winnie the Pooh’ theme party on his birthday and surprise him/her.

First thing that set the tone & grabs the attention of the guests are invitations. So this time instead of store bough invitations create handmade invitations within no time and have to

  1. A honey jar invite is the easiest and most adorable way to invite your guests on a Winnie the pooh theme party. Cut the shape of a jar of honey out of a yellow construction paper. Take the cutting of Winnie the pooh sticker and paste it over the jar or take only face cutting of the pooh or first half and paste it as shown in the image to give a fun & stylish look. Write birthday details on the front of the jar with a sparkle pen.Winnie the pooh DIY invitationWinnie the pooh DIY invites
  2. Cut out a shape of huge tree to resemble a funny honey tree and paste it over bottom of the card-stock. Take a picture of pooh & pals and paste it on the trunk of the tree. Sprinkle some yellow glitter on rest of the card-stock and fill in party details. If you are running short of time, this is the simplest and quickest way of making a handmade invite.
  3. Another great idea is pick any pooh favor like the most adorable a small jar of honey or Winnie the pooh cookie pops and attach them with a card-style invitation. Write a creative message like

“Winnie the pooh & Tigger too,
Are joining a birthday party and inviting you,
Geared up for celebrating Anna’s big day,
With cakes & candles and loads of games to play !

For hosting a perfect Winnie the Pooh theme party, decorate with our Winnie the Pooh birthday supplies from fun& frolic favors to delightful decorations, from exotic tableware to colorful pinatas, we have everything to make your party a super success.

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4 Homemade Easy & Inexpensive Birthday Decoration Ideas

These all decoration ideas are inexpensive and quick to make. You can involve your kid also in this creative project and make adorable birthday decorations. By employing these homemade party decoration ideas, you are surely going to garner lot of attention and appreciation and make your child’s birthday party one- of- a- kind.

Balloon Banner- No birthday party is complete without colorful party balloons. Start by blowing lot of different color balloons and divide them into group of four. Tie ends of each set of balloons using a good twine. Thread some twine on a needle and pass the needle through the tail of all 4 balloons in your set. Use a square knot to keep the balloons tightly together. When you have all your balloon sets, thread the needle again and pass the needle through the center of a balloon set. Using needle keep adding another balloon set, push each set along the twine and keep a gap of at-least 4 to 5 inches. Now hang this colorful and catchy balloon banner at the entrance or some other place.Balloons banner

Tissue Paper Lanterns- We all have lanterns at our home; with little creativity and some craft supplies, these lanterns can make amazing birthday party decorations. Have pre-cut tissue paper circles for covering the entire lantern. I personally used around 70; you can either select one-color tissue paper circles or pick different colors to make it vibrant and jazzy. Stick a piece of double tape on the lantern, apply one tissue paper circle, repeat the process until lantern is covered. These lanterns will make great hanging decorations and are simple to make.

A photo booth- A birthday party is all about memories what can be better way than creating a tiny photo booth in the party. Pick a place; decorate it with colorful fabric in a way that it serves as backdrop for all pictures. Keep few fun props like colorful goggles, hats, bunny ears, horns, colorful fun wigs, masks and more. Place a camera on a tripod and your lil guests will surely have a blast posing for pictures. You can also print out few pictures taken during the party to send home with each guest.

Birthday Banner- On a plain sheet draw the letters, for Happy Birthday, you can use 2 or 3 letters per page. Trace a square/circle around the letters; you may use a clear vase for this purpose. Trace a larger bowl onto construction papers of different colors like yellow, blue and black. Glue letters on construction paper circles and then connect banner letters, for this punch holes on each side of the circles. To tie the letters together use coordinating ribbon, curl the ribbon to give it a more polished look. To make the banner go with your birthday theme, you can use craft material such as foam stickers, sparkles, glitters, pom pom.

Try these kids birthday party ideas and make your child’s birthday even more special!


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6 Tips to Set a Sleep Routine in Toddlers

Establishing and maintaining a good bedtime routine for your child is critical for his/her overall development. A sound sleep allows your child to function at their best and keep him refreshed and energetic whole day.

6 Tips to set a Sleep Routine in Toddlers

A common concern faced by parents is irregular sleeping patterns of their child. Certainly, getting a child to sleep is quite challenging. However, if your child is difficult to settle at night or having restless sleep, you may like to cut on his nap-time during day. Here are some tips that will ease your tension and help you set a good sleep routine for your toddlers.

  1. Set a time and stick to it- It is important to set a time for sleep and stick to it as much as possible. This will allow your child’s body clock to adjust gradually to the bedtime routine and he will develop a consistent sleeping pattern.
  2. A warm bath- It is a good way to induce sleep among toddlers. Give them a warm bath before going to bed, it will slightly raise your child’s body temperature and relax him/her.
  3. Get dressed for bed- After bath, dress up your child in nightclothes. A lose pajama or nightdress or night suit will do. Nightdress should be comfortable and easy to wear, so that they can sleep in any sleeping posture without any difficulty.
  4. Read a story book- Though, it may sound cliche but it really helps. Do not forget reading his favorite storybook during sleeping and especially if they are associated with bedtime.
  5. Play music in background- While reading a storybook, you can also play some light music in the background. Slow music soothes toddlers mind and creates a complete sleeping environment. Most of the time you will find your toddler asleep, while midst of narrating a story.
  6. Favorite toy- This a common habit among toddlers, they love to keep their favorite toy near the pillow or around them while sleeping. So, keep their most loved toy be it teddy or any other stuff toy nearby so that they can snuggle and sleep quietly.

These tips will surely help you establish a healthy sleep routine in your toddlers. Make sure your toddler take 10-12 hours of sound sleep during night and a nap during the day. The best time for toddlers sleep is between 8 pm to midnight, so do not keep him awake until late night, set an early sleeping routine.

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