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Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas
A Halloween party is fun for all ages, and there are plenty of Halloween party ideas that will keep your kids have fun with just a little bit of spookiness. Kids Halloween party ideas for food, games, decorations and more will make this Halloween a party to remember.

  • A day party is probably best for younger kids as they go to bed early. Older kids will enjoy a night party when the dark can be part of the fun.
  • Have a few extra costumes on hand in case one of the children has an accident and needs to change. They won't feel left out that way.
  • When choosing Halloween party ideas for kids be sure to consider the age group. Younger children may get scared easily, so keep things light.
  • Most Halloween parties are held indoors, but if you live in a place where the weather is still nice, consider an outside party so that the night sky can add to the ambience.
  • If Halloween falls on a weekday, chose the weekend before to hold your party.

  • There are so many different Halloween party ideas that invitations can be in a wide variety of themes. Choose from classic Halloween themes like witches, vampires, bats, and of course pumpkins.
  • Pre-printed Halloween party invitations from our selection make it easy to simply fill in the details.
  • A simple homemade Halloween party invitation can be a piece of orange paper cut into a pumpkin shape. Write the party information on the back of the pumpkin.
  • Be sure to send out your party invitations early as people may make other plans otherwise.
  • Use Halloween clip art found online to create and print you own Halloween party invitations.

  • Spooky Halloween party games for older kids can include an eerie game of hide and seek in the dark or a candlelit pretend séance
  • Hold a parade of costumes with younger kids and give awards in a variety of categories such as Funniest and Most Original
  • Young kids will also enjoy Halloween party games that are a twist on originals, such as pinning the tail on a black cat, or a game of hot pumpkin instead of hot potato.
  • Play a Halloween version of "Who Am I?" by pinning a picture of a classic Halloween character – ghost, mummy, witch, vampire, to each person's back and having them go around asking questions to figure out who they are.
  • Fun Halloween party ideas can be found in a simple competition. Buy two plastic skeletons and take them apart. Race to see who can properly reassemble the skeleton the fastest.

  • Kids Halloween party ideas for simple favors are of course bags of candy. Let the guests fill their own at trick-or-treating stations around the room.
  • Send everyone home with a carved jack-o-lantern.
  • Halloween themed favors available in our great selection of party supplies are an easy way to give everyone a thank you gift for joining you.

Appropriate Party Supplies

  • Halloween candy is of course a staple of any party. Place dishes of candy corn, mini chocolate bars, and other classic Halloween candy around the party space.
  • Choose a few fun kids Halloween party ideas for a fun looking but scary punch. Use food coloring to turn juice a different color such as green or red. Fill the punch bowl with Halloween themed ice cubes made with special forms
  • Cookies cut and decorated in a Halloween theme are fun Halloween party ideas for kids that you can make along with them ahead of time.
  • Fill cupcakes with strawberry jam using a pastry bag so that it appears to ooze when you take a bite. Decorate the cupcakes with Halloween colored black and orange frosting.
  • Create a jack-o-lantern pizza by shaping the dough like a pumpkin with a stem at the top, and then making a face with pepperoni and other toppings.

  • Out selection of fun and spooky Halloween party decorations will give you plenty of Halloween decorating ideas to choose from.
  • A haunted house theme is classic and fun. Hang cobwebs in the corners and a fake chandelier from the ceiling. Use electric candles for an eerie low light that is safer. Hang spooky portraits on the walls. A scary noises CD can provide the right ambience.
  • Create a graveyard in your front yard. You can purchase ready-made tombstones, or make your own with Styrofoam squares. Add funny epitaphs. Scatter bones around the yard and add a "cemetery" sign.
  • Jack-o-lanterns are a classic Halloween symbol and there are plenty of Halloween decorating ideas for them. Make tiny ones to line a sidewalk. Use them for light in the house instead of other sources. Use a big one as the centerpiece for your table.
  • Black and orange are perfect for any Halloween party, choose balloons, streamers and tablecloths in those colors to round out the décor.