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Little Einsteins Birthday Party Ideas

Little Einsteins Birthday Party Ideas
Little kids who are big fans of the Little Einsteins will love celebrating their big day with a Little Einsteins party. Our selection of Little Einsteins party supplies and these simple and fun party ideas will make that special day just right for your little birthday boy or girl.

  • The Little Einsteins are surrounded by Classical music and works of art, so add that into the theme when you are planning.
  • Consider a museum for your party venue. It fits the Little Einsteins theme and many offer party packages for kids.
  • You can easily create a Little Einsteins party set-up in your own home as well with the right decorations.
  • Your Little Einsteins birthday party can include an educational spin, just as the television show helps to educate children.

  • Our selection of ready to use Little Einsteins birthday invitations are perfect for getting all the information out to your child's friends.
  • The Little Einsteins travel in a red spaceship, so use red construction paper and cut out rocket ship shapes. Then decorate and write in the information.
  • Use wording to reflect the fun of traveling by rocket to learn more about art and music. Use expressions like "Blast off for a Little Einsteins party".
  • If you're planning a party at a museum or other location, be sure to include information about how to get there, where to park, and in what part of the building the party will be located.

  • Set up a map on the wall and then give the children clues as to where in the world the Little Einsteins are. Place pins on the map as they guess correctly to represent the journey.
  • Set up an art corner where all the guests can create their very own masterpiece, and then display them in an art gallery throughout the party.
  • Organize a treasure hunt and call it a mission. Give a list of items to find throughout the party area, and send off teams to complete the mission.
  • Play musical chairs only with classical music.
  • Provide musical instruments and ask the party guests to create a symphony which they can perform at the end of the party for their parents.

  • Create the perfect goodie bags for your Little Einsteins party from our selection or great party favor.
  • An art set makes the perfect favor for a Little Einsteins birthday party, Put some paints, paintbrushes, and a pad of paper in a gift bag.
  • A Little Einsteins DVD makes a great favor for small parties.

Appropriate Party Supplies

  • Create an explorer's buffet by offering foods from different places around the world. Add a flag from that country to each food so the kids can learn as they eat.
  • Let kids create their own work of art by providing sugar cookies, frosting, and a variety of decorating options like sprinkles and candies.
  • Create a Little Einsteins birthday cake that rockets into space using a rocket-shaped cake pan and red frosting.
  • A Little Einsteins cake topper from our selection of themed party supplies is the easy way to create the perfect cake.
  • Set out animal crackers, goldfish, and other snacks with shapes and ask the kids to name each one.

  • Choose from our selection of ready to use Little Einsteins party decorations to make preparations for your child's party quick and easy.
  • Decorate with rocket ships, musical notes, and printed off art images that you can hang from the walls.
  • Balloons and streamers always make a party festive. Use a variety of colors to really create an artistic atmosphere.
  • Create a space theme with planets, stars and galaxies, and of course the Little Einsteins flying through the sky in their rocket.
  • Turn the party venue into a museum with fake columns, paintings on the wall, and classical music playing in the background.